How do I get started?

First know the airport from and to; if you want us to pick it up; and approximate weight.

How soon can I move my shipment?

Please click here, print this form and fax it back to us at least 48 hours before your shipment is taken to the airport. Fax: 248-714-6639

What paperwork do I need for it to be shipped?

You will need the overnight package of paperwork which Straightway will send to you with the airway bill, packing list and export declaration.

Can I ship my luggage?

Yes, but you must be able to put labels on both sides.

How do we pack our personal effects/household goods or relief goods?

All of the items being shipped LCL must be boxed (UHAUL type preferred) or crated or the steamship line will not accept it. If the items will be shipped in a full container, not everything has to be boxed; but it will be up to your own discretion to prevent any damages from occurring.

How long will it take to ship our goods to their destination?

Transit time will vary depending on where you are shipping from. When you contact our office we will be able to provide you with an estimated transit time.

What happens when our shipment gets to its destination?

A few days prior to arrival date of the ship, the steamship lines agent will send you an arrival notice confirming the arrival of your goods, vessel, name etc. Please keep in mind you will have to have the goods cleared through customs before you can pick up.

What do I have to present to customs to clear our shipment?

Depending on the destination country's rules and regulations, normally a copy of your passport, copy of the bill of lading (which we provide).

When our shipment is picked up from our door, do we have to load the truck or the container?

Yes, you have to load the truck or the container. On container shipments you usually have two hours free. Anything after is an additional $ 75.00-85.00 per hour after. We suggest you have a group to help make the loading time quicker.

How much time does Straightway need to set up our shipment?

We will need at least 5 days in advance notice and we will need our "shipping instructions-traffic manager" form back to us by mail, fax or e-mail before we can book it.

What method of payment can we use for our shipping?

Cash, check or M.O. "We do not accept credit cards".

What information do I need do ship my goods by truck?

Please click here, you can print this form, fill it out and fax it back to us at 248-714-6639.

How long does it take?

Guaranteed less than 7 days. An exact delivery date may cost more.

Will the driver load and unload the truck?

Yes, at an additional charge.

Does everything need to be boxed?

YES, unless it is a machine which there are special handling requirements for, then you need to tell us.